How to Pay CenterPoint Energy Bill Online Without Logging In

Centerpoint Energy is one of the largest energy service providers in the United States. If you are their consumer, you can pay your energy bill in many ways. One of them is Centerpoint energy quick bill payment/guest payment/one-time payment. Most people choose this way when they pay their bills online because it is immediate, very simple, and can be done quickly. You do not need to create an account or log in to the CenterPoint Energy website for this. Therefore, there is no need to remember the username and password.

You can view and pay the amount you owe using a combination of your CenterPoint Energy account number, your home number, zip code, and phone number. In short, if you have a printed bill from Centerpoint Energy Company, you can complete your bill payment in seconds.

CenterPoint Energy Quick Bill Pay – How to make a one-time guest payment online

The first thing you need to do to make a quick bill payment or one-time payment is to go to the one-time payment page on the Centerpoint Energy Company website. You can use the link below to do so.

Go to Centerpoint Energy one time pay/pay as a guest page

Centerpoint Energy Quick Bill Pay


If you know your CenterPoint Energy Account Number, you can make a one-time, quick bill payment using your account number – house number/PO Box combination. Otherwise, you can use your house number, phone number, and zip code combination for making the payment.

After filling up the details and the random captcha code, click Continue.

Centerpoint Energy One Time Guest Bill Payment

On the next page, you will see information including the amount you have to pay and the due date. If you want to make any change in the amount to be paid, you can do it here. Make sure the information is yours by verifying the address and account number, then you can choose the payment method.

There are three types of payment methods available,

  • Checking / Savings Account
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

Note: If you make a payment by credit or debit card you will have to pay an additional $ 2.75 as a transaction fee.

After selecting the payment method, click Continue to proceed with the payment.

You can complete the payment by entering the required information on the next page.

How do I contact CenterPoint Energy?

You can contact Centerpoint energy customer service in multiple ways. The easiest and quickest way among them is calling their customer service number. The customer service number s are,

Shall I get a grace period to pay my CenterPoint energy bill?

Yes, you will get a 15 day grace period to pay your CenterPoint energy bills

Will CenterPoint energy give me a discount if I pay my bill in time?

Centrepoint Energy sometimes makes offers like this. Visit the Centerpoint Energy Company website to see if there are any such offers available.


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